By Neville Chamunorwa

Historically, construction companies have used traditional pen and paper to monitor staff attendance. Today businesses are increasingly making the transition towards software technology. The major advancements in app solutions means that there are systems out there that are specially designed for ease of use, reliability and improved productivity in the construction industry.

The following article details the pros and cons of using apps to monitor staff attendance in the construction industry.

The Benefits Of Using Apps

The advantages of using an app to monitor staff attendance in the construction industry are aplenty. With labor being considered a major contributor to soaring costs, it’s no wonder progressive construction companies are moving away from traditional methods.

The main benefits are provided below.

Improving Performance Visibility 

Using apps to monitor staff attendance enables construction companies to gain better visibility on how well their team members are carrying out various tasks and projects. Tracking the level of productivity against an employee’s attendance becomes a straightforward process. If there is a big disparity between the worker’s availability and level of output then management can step in and act accordingly.

Making More Informed Decisions

Providing decision-makers with accurate, actionable data allows them to plan strategically. Potential issues or delays can be brought to light and the necessary adjustments can thereafter be made. When plausible stumbling blocks are anticipated before they take place or in their early stages, the company will be in a better position to minimize hold-ups and deliver projects on time.

Streamlining The Payroll Process

Monitoring staff attendance using apps streamlines the payroll process. Companies that still choose to input data manually are more accustomed to inaccuracies, primarily caused by human error. This is not to mention the significant time cost that is also associated with using traditional methods as opposed to the seamless automated processes that app technology brings.

Minimizing Overpayment

When the employer has accurate staff attendance records it reduces the likelihood of overpayment – a common problem that runs rampant in the construction industry. In addition to this, many apps are able to tell project managers whether or not employees are truly on-site by capturing their location. This adds an extra layer of security that protects the company from having to pay out for time theft.

The Potential Drawback Of Adopting Apps

There are some drawbacks to keep in mind, however. Common issues that arise when construction companies monitor staff attendance are detailed below, together with solutions for overcoming them.

Apps Can Be Expensive

The cost of apps can be a major hindrance to moving away from traditional methods. Systems that come complete with advanced functionality and intelligent features that automate numerous processes can be expensive. There are a number of affordable apps on the market, however. Many of them are scalable and can be implemented slowly over time after ROI for the initial phase has become evident.

Apps Are Not A Perfect Solution

Apps are not a perfect solution and don’t always show a true reflection of productivity levels. Certain intangible aspects are difficult to measure meaning they’re unaccounted for when observed at face value by management. The best apps in the construction industry enable team members to add notes and images for additional context. As a result, any issues or disparities that may be in question can be resolved quickly.

Staff Attendance Apps Can Cast A Sense Of Micromanagement

Constant staff monitoring can do more harm than good at times. Workers can become paranoid when they feel as though they’re watched excessively, which can lead to lower morale and declining performance. Managers must remember that using apps allows them to spend less time overlooking staff. When this message is communicated clearly to employees and systems are used for their intended purposes then adoption will rise.

The Bottom Line

The introduction of apps has made it easy for construction companies to accurately monitor staff. Modern, digitized systems bring significant advantages. This includes improving performance visibility, helping project managers to make more informed decisions, streamlining the payroll process and minimizing overpayment associated with time theft.

In order to maximize ROI and efficiency, decision-makers must adopt solutions that complement their business processes. The additional insight goes a long way towards saving time and money while priming the organization to achieve the best overall results. 

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