By Neville Chamunorwa

Construction is a constantly evolving and largely lucrative field. In 2018, approximately $1.3 trillion dollars was spent on construction in the US alone, where the industry employs no less than 11 million people. In an arena which is continually growing and developing, innovation is crucial for firms that want to stay ahead of the game.

In this article, we take a look at 5 of the most innovative construction contractors in the world today.

1. China Communications Construction Company

The origins of this construction giant can be traced back as far as 1905. Specializing in infrastructure projects, CCCC has been responsible for some of the most innovative construction projects to date. This includes five out of ten of the world’s longest cable-stayed bridges and six out of ten of the biggest cross-sea bridges in the world. The firm is currently working on the Kunzvi Dam project in Zimbabwe which is expected to provide a long-term solution to Harare’s water problems.

2. ACS (Actividades de Construcción y Servicios)

Spanish company ACS is one of the world’s leading construction firms. It focuses on everything from residential construction to infrastructure projects and public works. The firm has been responsible for some of Spain’s most stunning skyscrapers. This includes the Torre de Cristal – the country’s tallest building and the fourth tallest in the EU, – as well as the second tallest building in Spain, the Torre Cepsa. ACS was also involved in the construction of the high-speed rail line from Perpignan to Barcelona.

3. Skanska

This multinational construction giant is the fifth biggest in the world and is committed to innovation in all its forms. The firm places a big emphasis on green building and sustainability. It has regularly been awarded top spot for being the greenest contractor in various countries as well as globally. Projects Skanska have been involved with include the MetLife Stadium in the US and the Øresund Bridge, the combination rail and motorway bridge that links Sweden and Denmark.

4. Bouygues

Paris-based construction behemoth Bouygues has been around since 1952 and listed on the Paris Stock Exchange since 1970. Bouygues employs almost 120,000 worldwide and generates $37 billion in annual revenue. It has been involved with some of the most recognizable and innovative projects in Paris. These include the Musée d’Orsay, the Parc des Princes football stadium, and the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. The company also played an important part in the construction of the Channel Tunnel which links France to Great Britain.

5. Suffolk Construction

Suffolk Construction was described as “one of the most innovative construction companies on the scene” in KPMG’s 2019 Global Construction Survey. The company harnessed the power of data analysis to understand the effectiveness of its strategies and spur on technological advances, including the utilization of AI. Suffolk Construction is one of the biggest construction contractors in the US and has been involved in many high-profile projects. These include the Millennium Tower in Boston and the Mullins Center, a multi-purpose arena situated on the University of Massachusetts’ campus.


While these are some of the world’s most innovative construction contractors, this is by no means an exhaustive list. As the construction industry continues to develop, a growing number of progressive players are entering the market and propelling further advancement. Construction, as a result, has fast become one of the most dynamic and exciting fields to watch when it comes to innovation.

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