By Neville Chamunorwa

Biometric technology has become increasingly sophisticated over the years. With advancements in both functionality and security, many businesses are implementing biometric time clocks over traditional tracking methods. They offer more accurate pay reports, saving your business a significant amount of money annually. 

Understandably, some companies are skeptical about technology and prefer sticking to their tried and trusted traditional approaches. Sure, there are some disadvantages but for many the simplicity works for them. For such businesses we review the 10 best biometric time clocks on the market.

#1. Icon Time Systems Biometric Time Clock

For a simple and easy solution, the Icon Time Systems biometric time clock is a convenient choice. It includes everything you need to automatically track your employees, at little cost. This biometric clock is well suited for smaller businesses with an initial time card and fingerprint capacity of 100 – expandable thereafter to 500. Expanding this capacity will carry an additional cost, as will other upgrades (e.g. tracking employee sickness)

The Icon Time Systems biometric time clock uses several punch-in options for added security including biometrics, PIN badge, and web punch. Web punch is especially useful for employees who work from home as it allows them to punch in remotely.

If the fingerprint sensor fails, there’s an integrated camera to verify employee identity. The camera will provide photo verification alerts to a manager so that they can proactively verify attendance. Lastly, the Icon Time Systems biometric time clock is scalable up to 32 total units over LAN, WAN, VPN or Web network.


·  Simple setup

·  Integrated camera for verification

·  Multiple punch-in options


·  Insufficient for large scale organizations

·  Additional costs for upgrades

·  Lack of mobile application for web punch

Verified Amazon User Reviews

“Setup is easy, the instructions are reasonably clear though I would have liked more description of some of the terminology used for setup selections. Very happy we chose this over some Internet cloud-subscription system that would still require dedicated hardware.”

“The system will likely take a little more setup time than other reviews of this and it’s other family members might lead you to believe. What I found, however, is that some of the features I would really like to use cost extra – in the form of “upgrades”. For instance, if I want the time clock to keep track of my employees’ accrued sick and vacation time, I have to purchase the “Benefit Tracking Upgrade”, at an extra cost of around $115.00.”

#2. Allied Time USA CB4000 Biometric Employee Time Clock

The Allied Time USA CB4000 biometric time clock offers great quality at an affordable price and is scalable based on the size of your business. It’s easy to set up and is capable of tracking both standard working hours as well as overtime. As a standalone clock, the CB4000 requires neither a PC connection nor any additional software installation to function as intended.

The CB4000 offers both fingerprint and facial recognition options in case one method fails. Cross recognition also combats fraud by stopping buddy punching and providing automated alerts of early or late punches. The unit comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The CB4000 model is priced based on a monthly subscription model. The price scales according to the size of your workforce.


·  Prevents buddy punching

·  Warranty included

·  No additional costs


·  No one-time fee option available

·  Lack of traditional punch-in methods

User Reviews

We operate a small business and were previously using a punch system for our employees; recently we switched to this cloud-based system. I was worried it would be difficult to install and figure out, but I was able to set it up and have it operational in around 20 minutes.”

Very easy set up, I entered my WIFI password and the clock immediately started sending punches to my cloud account. We really like the palm scanner feature too; it’s very accurate and also touch-free.”

#3. FingerTec TA200 Plus Color Fingerprint Clock

The FingerTec TA200 is for those who wish to completely remove buddy punching. It’s nearly impossible to fake any information due to its advanced recognition methods. The device takes user data and transfers it to the scanner. When an employee returns later, the scanner will instantly recognize the input presented by cross-referencing it with previous data. The TA200 uses fingerprint, PINs and RFID to track employees. It also boasts a colorful display with user-friendly icons.

The TA200 has an enormous capacity of 10,000 employees, making it an ideal solution for large-scale enterprises. Free support is available up to 6 months after purchase. However, after this time, you no longer have access to free support.


·  Eliminates buddy punching

·  Great user interface

·  Uses advanced punch-in methods


·  Costly

·  Software can be difficult to use

·  Lack of free support after six months

User Reviews

The TA200+ costs less than a decent card printer alone, and fingerprint enrolment is considerably less time consuming than producing (and inevitably, reproducing) plastic ID cards for our employees.”

Initially I was scared of the complexity, but with the immediate and friendly support of the tech support staff, my concerns were quelled. They know exactly how to help, configure, troubleshoot, and the value of good tech support on an important item like an attendance clock is worth more than the hardware.”

#4. Schlage HandPunch HP 2000-WEB Biometric Time Clock

The Schlage HandPunch HP 2000 is a unique biometric time clock that utilizes hand geometry technology. It reads your employees’ entire palm instead of just one finger. The unit will take a three-dimensional scan of the hand, turning it into an image for future verification – and this all happens in under a second.

The Schlage HandPunch HP 2000 has a limited capacity of 512 employees and is non-expandable. It is, therefore, best for smaller-medium size businesses that require tougher prevention methods against fraudulent activity. The unit works on a wireless connection or through an Ethernet cable and setup is relatively straightforward.


·  Great security measures against buddy punching

·  Simple setup

·  Swift scanning


·  Expensive

·  Only for smaller businesses

·  Not scalable after initial 512 employee capacity

User Reviews

“Intuitive palm recognition technology, unlike anything we’ve used before. The setup process was easy, and we’ve had no issues so far. It is a little pricey, however!”

“We were initially concerned about the cost of this clock and still wish it was cheaper for what you get. There are cheaper alternatives on the market; you just don’t get the full hand recognition, which prevents buddy punching more effectively. Not sure if this is worth the price still.”

#5. Timedox Silver D Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock

The Timedox Silver D biometric time clock is one of the more affordable entries on the list, with no hidden monthly fees. It uses cloud-based technology that allows for automatic in and out punching. The information taken from employees is loaded onto a USB drive which is sent to the cloud, providing remote access to employee data.

The Timedox Silver D issues weekly and monthly summaries based on employee absence, improving the accuracy of your pay reports. The device supports up to 500 employees at a time, which is ideal for small-medium size businesses. In addition to this, the Timedox Silver D is compatible with both fingerprint and PIN code entry methods.


·  Affordable

·  Remote access to data

·  Improved payment reports through system automation


·  No Wi-Fi connection

·  Software can be difficult to use

·  Not scalable for larger businesses

User Reviews

Very easy to set up and simple to use. We had lost the thumb drive and contacted the company to see if they could help and they were great to work with. They were understanding and gave us all the information that we needed.”

“The manual is helpful made it simple to use. Web-based reports system wizard makes it fast to operate, I recommend it.”

#6. uAttend BN6500 Wi-Fi Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock

The uAttend BN6500 works on both LAN and Wi-Fi networks. It offers real-time alerts based on employees approaching or meeting their overtime. Additionally, this device will automate paid holiday, saving you from endlessly going back and forth with your employees. It will also track pay periods based on your business needs, whether that be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  

The pricing model for the uAttend BN6500 is a monthly subscription service, which includes a lifetime of free replacement in addition to 24/7 customer support. Beyond all of this, the device comes with a companion app to track your employees on the go.


·  Access to customer support

·  Tracks time off automatically

·  Mobile app


·  No one-time fee option

·  Limited punch-in methods

User Reviews

I was doing my payroll for 14 employees by punch-card and manual input, I screwed up more paychecks then I care to mention. Now, it’s much better and well worth the $20 a month for the service. It has a nice interface that didn’t take long to figure out. Also has an iPhone app to show me who is on the clock and review timecards from anywhere.”

Simple enough to install. Not so simple to set up a user account (yes, as others have noted, this is a cloud based-online system). The package comes with a “Quick Start Guide” which is completely useless because there is absolutely no way to start things up quickly. I HIGHLY recommend reading through the instructions PRIOR to mounting the system.”

#7. COMPUMATIC XLS BIO Biometric Time Clock

The COMPUMATIC XLS BIO uses 360-degree optical fingerprint sensors and PIN entry to track your employees. The specially coated fingerprint promises to deliver accurate fingerprint reading for both wet and dry fingers.

The COMPUMATIC XLS BIO uses an Ethernet connection, or you can download data onto a USB from the device for remote wireless operation. One of the device’s key advantages is its low cost compared with similar biometric time clocks. The device also offers numerous reports and payroll exports including ADP, PayChex, QuickBooks and more.


·  Affordable

·  Easy to use

·  Remote capabilities


·  Software may be too simple for some users

·  Limited punch-in methods

·  Lack of customer support

User Reviews

The software definitely has room for improvement and is a little outdated, but it does what it needs to. I can easily add/edit when people have punched in, and it’s easy to pull a report to see the hours someone worked from the current week or specific dates.”

Some might think the software is too simple. It might even look like someone wrote it in their spare time in Microsoft Access, but the bottom line is that it works.”

#8. FingerTec TA300 Fingerprint Desktop Time Clock

If you’re in the market for both capacity and design, the FingerTec TA300 is an excellent choice. It boasts a high-speed CPU with advanced, accurate fingerprint sensors. Moreover, the physical unit is extremely slim without compromising any of its features. It can hold the data of 1000+ employees, ample for larger businesses.

The TA300’s unique selling point is mobility. It’s a portable device that acts as a standalone desktop fingerprint reader, requiring no installation. Thanks to its sleek design, you’ll have no trouble fitting it in any office space. If you run into technical issues, there’s a dedicated support team ready to assist.


·  Suitable for larger organizations

·  High-speed processing

·  Excellent technical support


·  No Wi-Fi capabilities

·  Difficult to download data

User Reviews

After I installed and insisted that this was the only way they were going to get paid I noticed at least an hour or two per day of eliminated and dishonest hours I no longer had to pay for.”

“Only problem is that it may take several swipes to read their fingerprint. But once it is set, they don’t have to reset it again like my iPhone. I don’t use the iPhone finger reader because it’s unreliable. I would recommend this product to anyone employer having trouble with employee dishonesty.”

#9. Timedox Tandem Pro Biometric Time Clock

The second product from Timedox on our list, the Timedox Tandem Pro, boasts several improved features compared to its predecessor. First, the addition of recognition technology offers an extra method of punching in for your employees. It also supports proximity cards and voice response through an integrated microphone.

The Timedox Tandem Pro has an increased capacity of up to 2000 employees, 4x that of the Silver D model. It is, therefore, best suited to larger businesses. The price of this model is expectedly higher and carries an additional monthly subscription cost of $25 to use the system. This is a flat rate and does not scale based on the size of your business. Finally, there’s full customer support available for any issues that you encounter during use.


·  Scalable for larger businesses

·  Effective against buddy punching

·  Full customer support and lifetime warranty


·  Additional subscription costs

·  Costly overall

User Reviews

We have offices in different areas, so we chose Timedox Tandem Pro and have been very happy with it. It is easy to use both for the employee and those checking and/or collecting time. Support was very helpful when we needed them and made set up very simple.”

We checked out dozens of biometric time clocks and were blown away by the monthly fee – anywhere from $2 to $8 per employee. For 100 employees, that’s $2,400 – $9,600 per year! Then we found the TimeDox company. Their clocks were exactly what we were looking for – biometric, Wi-Fi, and secure – and their monthly plan is a straightforward $25”

#10. Acroprint BioTouch Biometric Time Clock

The Acroprint BioTouch is a fully self-contained time clock that requires no additional software installation. Catering to small-medium size businesses, this unit can accommodate up to 500 employees at a time. There are multiple punch-in options for employees including fingerprint scan, proximity badge, key fob, and PIN entry. The data collected is stored on a removable USB drive for remote access.

The Acroprint BioTouch accounts for holidays, unpaid breaks, early or late shifts and overtime with ease. However, it is unable to record paid breaks.


·  Multiple punch-in methods

·  No additional software installation required

·  Automatic tracking of irregular shift patterns and holidays


·  Lacks Wi-Fi capabilities

·  Overpriced compared with competitors

·  Below average build quality

User Reviews

So far so good, minus one star for this time clock’s inability to record paid breaks. It does record unpaid lunches but not paid breaks. The unit feels cheap with a low-quality LCD screen.”

“This punch clock does the job. It took a little effort trying to get it figured out for setup and use. But thereafter, smooth sailing. I think the price is too high for the overall quality of the product.”

Choose The Biometric Time Clock That Best Meets Your Needs

As can be seen, there is a good selection of biometric time clocks that help businesses to easily and accurately collect, track and manage employee time and attendance. All products on this list have their strengths and weakness, which makes it important to carefully establish your business’ unique requirements and then evaluate the time clocks based on how well they meet your needs. 

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