For you to grow an already established business, you need to get quality time clock apps that are productive, intuitive, and easy to use.  As much as it may seem that most of these apps are made for android, many are compatible with iOS and windows. Continue reading to discover the best time clock apps.

To make your search easier, we look at a list of various options that can help you track work hours and achieve your company goals.


This free time clock app allows you to track when your employees are at work for payroll, attendance, and compliance. With Jibble, you can use automatic timesheets and reports to make your payroll more manageable than before. You are able to clock in seamlessly via Slack, MS Teams, your phone, or laptop.


This app has some features users may find more convenient as it integrates timestamps, facial recognition, and geolocation features that give you more accurate clock-ins than most apps in the same category. All these features are time-saving, free, and easy to use.


Jibble is not the best time clock app for activity or project tracking. Although Activity Tracking is a feature that comes with the app, it requires you to upgrade your plan to a paid one.


With over 20,000 five star reviews, TSheets is one of the more popular applications that can simplify your business operations. This software allows your employees to clock in and out with a single click. You can also build schedules for your employees by roles or shifts. If you are looking for a solution that can connect with accounting or payroll software to sync time tracking data for payroll and invoicing automatically, then TSheets should be your time clock app of choice.


TSheets has real-time interactive reporting, which allows users to gain business real and accurate business insight. The application is also compatible with mobile phones (Android and iOS) as well as being used on the web.


The pricing is much more expensive than other mainstream time tracking solutions.


Toggl is a time clock app that is most suitable for businesses looking to schedule their time per project, client, and tasks. This app is mainly used to see where productivity lies.


The app has a tracking reminder and idle detection that will help you remember your schedule in case you forget. What’s more, the app can sync between various devices.


Toggl does not have a free plan after the 30-day free trial elapses.


Clockify is a time clock app that allows you to track your projects and clients to see where productivity lies. The app is compatible with almost every device ranging from computers to smartphones. A business that needs to track productivity, attendance, and billable hours is the most suited to use Clockify. With Clockify, you can monitor productivity by looking at how your team is working and what they are doing.


This app is one of the few that offer absolutely free services across all platforms that allow you to track your business projects. 


The app lacks some essential features, like payroll schedule.


With WhenIWork, you can schedule employees’ work and track it in real-time. The app comes with three essential features that allow you to create work schedules in minutes and share it with the employees, integrate the plan with a time clock to track progress and reduce the cost of labor, and post jobs and track the applicants online. You can also use the app to hire your preferred job candidates. With both mobile and desktop apps, this time clock app is excellent for budding businesses.


The app offers regular data security audits, which means that you will not have to worry about your data. Additionally, it does not need credit cards since it is free.


The user interface is a bit complex and can be hard to navigate, especially if you are not technology-savvy.


This is a powerful work management app for businesses of all sizes. The application is specially designed for manual or automatic time tracking. actiTime offers many ways of processing and analyzing time-track data. The app also has a reporting module that includes performance and cost reports that help in monitoring the productivity of your business projects.


The app can work with both manual and automatic timers to keep you updated about the performance of your scheduled projects.


Apart from the free edition, all other plans are paid for.

Open Time Clock

This time clock app works as a time tracking app and an employee’s attendance management tool. The app also has clock-in and clock-out features to allow employees to record their punch-in time. This is effective for shift management and tracking absence at work.


The app has a GPS location tracker and is compatible with almost every smart device. Additionally, the free plan has all of the features of the paid app with the exception of face recognition clock-in.


Many users say that the user interface is complex.

On The Clock

On The Clock is a suitable solution for businesses that want to manage employee attendance and working time. It can be accessed online through desktops or smartphones. This app can help you calculate work hours, monitor employee availability, run payrolls, and create data to bill your clients.


The app has a GPS tracking feature and geofencing functionality. Additionally, it is easy to use.


The free version can only accommodate two users. Any number above that requires you to pay monthly subscriptions.


This time clock app is suitable for work scheduling, time tracking, and monitoring employee attendance and overtime. Additionally, Homebase allows you to post job openings to integrate hiring among other human resource management processes, such as shifts which adds additional functionality that many time tracking solutions lack.


The app has a time tracker that enables you to identify if employees are late for work. Additionally, the app offers all its features free of charge.


If your team members are not in one location, you will have to go for the paid version.


Clockit is suitable for monitoring attendance and tracking time. This app is designed explicitly for clock-ins that allows employers to monitor attendance in real-time.


The clock-in functionality can be accessed at no cost for an unlimited number of users.


Other extended functionalities such as reporting, GPS tracking, leave accruals, and shift scheduling is paid for.

Jibble is a free time and attendance tracking software with 10,000s of users around the globe. Check it out here!

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