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In these current times, organizations are looking for more efficient ways to handle their operations and make their teams more productive. It is for this reason that team management systems like that developed by Microsoft exist. These systems allow you to engage in management activities such as communication and collaboration much more accessible. With MS Team bots, the functionality of your teams becomes much better, and in this article, you’ll be introduced to ten of them.

What Are Microsoft Team Bots?

These are functionalities in Microsoft teams that allow the user to obtain information for better collaboration. For example, an organization can have employees’ conversations from different chat apps synced so that it is easier to track and monitor. They work like plug-ins or add-ons that prevent you from performing manual tasks like searches to gain information. You can find them in the Microsoft teams store, and the problem most of them seem to solve is time management.

  1. Jibble

From SME to Enterprise, this bot comes with impressive features that make time tracking easier, and the best part is that it’s all free. This MS Teams bot comes with geolocation to help you ensure employees are on site. As well, it uses facial recognition for clocking, preventing buddy punching to the maximum. The kiosk tablet feature also allows you to set it up for multiple devices. 

You can manage your employees automatically as well, with the error-free timesheets. You also get to automate the payroll calculations over time, getting access at any time, even when you’re offline. To summarize, this bot makes time tracking effortless, accurate, and automatic as compared to the manual option.

  1. Mio

If you have clients or people outside the organization who don’t use Microsoft Teams, then this might work for you. With its universal channels, you don’t need to start conversations all over and alternate from different platforms like Slack or Webex. Mio simply syncs the messages across the other platforms and also supports functions like deletes, edits, and even emojis. 


This is another popular bot that is used primarily for scheduling interactions. It is a handy meeting assistant that makes conversing with other people in your business less challenging. This bot also allows you to automate schedules, access useful contextual information, and save room for colleagues. You also get a feature to sync CRM tools and calendars so that you can gather information within the shortest possible time. The bot can provide daily snapshots of your schedule as well to prevent double-booking.

  1. Grow bot

This is a transparent and straightforward way to encourage your employees or teammates. Some of the essentials of team management are appreciation and recognition, and this bot makes that possible. It will help you to build trust and faith in your employees, which are needed to motivate them. You can do it in four easy steps, which are to mention Growbot, use the “kudos” or “props” keyword, selecting the user you want to encourage, and then letting others know about it.

  1. Yellow Ant

If you are looking for a bot to automate tasks, then this is for you. It works as an efficient assistant, integrating your other apps to make work easier for you. For example, with Yellow Ant, you can ask Gmail to send an email on your behalf, without necessarily opening the app. You can also retrieve all kinds of information you need from G-Suite files without wasting time moving from app to app.

  1. Statsbot

These days more businesses are making smarter moves by using data to tailor-make their products and services. Most of this data is usually obtained by going through so many apps, which can get tiring and time-wasting. Statsbot was created to solve this problem by pulling raw data from your business environment, turning it into useful insights, and then delivering it to you through Microsoft Teams.

Your only role will be to set up within any analytics systems you use in your workplace and then adding the bot to your MS Teams environment. Once it’s set up in your workplace, your employees will be able to make any queries, whether for customer service or when working on projects with colleagues.

  1. Soapbox

Soapbox is that bot that allows participants of meetings to prepare before coming adequately. It prevents a situation whereby the end or even during the meeting, you realize it could have been an email. It is an agenda app, allowing users to build talking points, notes, and lines of action before starting meetings. That way, everybody involved has a very clear understanding of what’s going on and what to do next. It’s great for bringing people together from various geographical locations.

  1. Workbot

If you’re looking for a boost in productivity for colleagues and employees, then this is a bot you can try. You can perform various tasks with the app, including requesting assistance from IT, approving workflows, or even assessing business performance using scheduled summary reports. You can also create new mail campaigns in Mailchimp, without leaving MS Teams.

  1. Polly

This bot is great for the manager who wants to know the engagement level of their team members. Especially if you’re engaged in remote work, decision-making can be tedious. It’s not enough to do guesswork, and that’s what Polly is for. The bot allows you to hold polls or surveys about pressing issues. For example, if you want to agree on a time to hold meetings, you can use Polly to set up a poll. The participants will then take it, and then you can come to a conclusion.

  1. Meekan

This bot allows you to match everyone’s calendar to make sure everyone is on the same page. Scheduling meetings will become much easier without waiting for people to confirm the times they are available. The bot does that for you one, everybody’s calendar is updated. All you’ll have to do is ask about a potential time for the conference, and the information will pop up. This also works well if your team is not in one place.


The bottom line is that there is no reason why a business should slow down, especially in this era of innovation. Take your usage of MS Teams to the next level with these useful apps. Even though these bots may seem like a huge choice, a few things to consider before using any include accuracy, automation, how much effort is required, and the cost involved. 

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