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With all the different time clock apps in the market, it can be difficult to pick the right one for your specific use case. Here is a list of the top free time clock apps, according to Capterra and Google Play, with a summary of which users the apps are best suited towards.

1. Toggl

Capterra: 4.7, Google Play: 4.7


  • Toggl has a Chrome Browser Extension, allowing staff to use their timer without having to open a new window
  • Tracking reminders: By enabling this, Toggl reminds you to track your time.
  • If Toggl detects inactivity on your computer, staff can discard of any idle time they spent off the computer
  • Toggl Track Button can be set to start and stop automatically when you close and open your browser
  • Includes 100+ integrations, allowing users to merge Toggl with popular apps such as Slack or Google Calendar


  • Toggl’s free plan does not include tracking billable hours –  so charging clients can turn out to be a hassle
  • Only a maximum of up to 5 users can use Toggl’s free plan
  • Toggl Track’s features mainly exist for time tracking only, without allowing much space for project management

So, Who Should Use Toggl Track?

Toggl is definitely one of the most popular time clock apps out there – it’s easy to use with some powerful integrations. However, without a paid plan, Toggl can only allow a maximum of 5 users to use their limited range of free functions. Hence, Toggl Track, as impressive as their software is, can really only support a small group of workers, and is best suited towards office staff.

Try it out here.

2. Jibble

Capterra: 4.8, Google Play: 4.3


  • Ensure accurate attendance data with features such as geolocation and facial recognition, which are free
  • Offline mode allows users to continue using the app, even when the connection drops
  • Timesheets are automatically created, along with overtime calculations
  • Upgrading only costs $2/employee per month


  • Historical data is only kept up to 2 months on the free plan
  • Users are not able to clock in with certain activities without a paid plan
  • On the free plan, multiple managers & admins cannot be assigned

So, Who Should Use Jibble?

Features like geolocation, facial recognition, and offline mode make the Jibble time clock app perfect for those with field or on-site staff. Managers can ensure accurate biometric attendance data, and generate timesheets for payroll.

Check it out here.

3. ClockInEasy

Capterra: 4.8, Google Play: 4.2


  • Includes a live-map dashboard, allowing managers to trace employees’ locations as they clock in and out 
  • Team Clock feature: Transform any tablet into a kiosk device for attendance management at physical sites 
  • Security is enhanced with ClockInEasy’s facial recognition feature
  • Calculate job and project costing using detailed records of staff timesheets


  • ClockInEasy’s free plan only allows one user
  • Without paying, users cannot implement customised company overtime policies, rounding rules for timesheets, or break management to comply with labor laws
  • Free plan does not include the administrator dashboard – making it hard to look at the team’s time data all at once

So, Who Should Use ClockInEasy?

ClockInEasy has brilliant time tracking and geolocation features.. As an employer, you can easily see where your employees are when they clock in or out using their live map. As a free app, however, users are restricted to one person. This would be the ideal app for those freelancers, self-employed, and for accounts with just one user.

Find out more here.

4. Homebase

Capterra: 4.6, Google Play: 4.3


  • Employees can trade and cover shifts with each other with approval from managers
  • Employee Hiring Feature: Allows employers to easily make job postings on popular job sites with just a few clicks
  • A built-in messenger streamlines the communication process between all workers in the app itself
  • Consists of an online schedule builder – enabling staff members to personalise their own day-to-day activities and share any updates to their schedule with their team


  • Free version cannot be used to track where staff are clocking and out from
  • Teams and users are restricted to only one location
  • Timesheets and reports history is only stored for 90 days

So, Who Should Use Homebase?

If you’re looking for a quick solution to organising both your own and your team’s day, Homebase is the app for you. Of all time tracking apps, Homebase offers the most sophisticated program to understand who is working where, and at what time. Thus, making it the perfect app for retail stores, restaurants, and shops that are situated at a single location.

Check out their site here.

5. Clockify

Capterra: 4.7, Google Play: 4.1


  • Differentiating activities comes with ease as each time period tracked can be labelled as different projects and tasks, while also adding tags alongside these if you wish 
  • As a result of labelling, Clockify’s automated reports allow managers and staff to easily see who spent how much time on each task and project
  • Clockify’s dashboard uses a vibrant array of graphic charts to display not only each individual’s effort on a project, but also distinguishes billable and non-billable time to see how much money was earned
  • Unlimited tracking, users, projects, and reports!


  • Although Clockify’s mobile app may be the most efficient way of tracking time, it’s not nearly as sophisticated as the desktop version
  • Some admins have found that making new features or creating more projects and tasks are difficult to get done without the decency of a desktop – even the dashboard feature requires a browser 
  • Unlike some other time clock apps, Clockify lacks the feature of capturing a screenshot of staffs’ screen to upload, meaning employers have no way of knowing if their employees’ reports are accurate

So, Who Should Use Clockify?

Clockify was specifically designed to be a time tracking app available to all teams of all sizes for free. Unlimited tracking, users, projects, and reports means that businesses can track an unlimited number of staff for an unlimited amount of time, without ever needing to upgrade. The only big drawback being that their free plan encompasses only the most basic time tracking features. But, if simplicity is all that your business needs, then Clockify is the way to go!

See more here.

Jibble is a free time and attendance tracking software with 10,000s of users around the globe. Check it out here!

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