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A reliable system needs to be implemented in hospitals to improve the efficient running of day-to-day tasks. Here, we’ve gathered some of the best apps for you to manage your team of hospital staff more seamlessly. From secured communication, decision making to patient care and task management – these apps have got you covered!

1. Epocrates

Ratings: Capterra 4.6/5


Epocrates is a mobile medical reference app which supports healthcare workers to review information regarding diseases and supplementary treatments to facilitate informed decisions. Additional functionalities include: medical news updates, pill identifier, medical calculators, risk assessment tools, free consults and referral’s point of contact.

So, why should you use Epocrates?

Healthcare providers can now receive instant clinical support for tough rulings, and save, on average, 20 minutes on reports – effectively redirecting their focus back to patients. Safe prescriptions of drugs are now guaranteed with information that is accurate, concise, and clinically relevant. 


  • Free version.
  • Epocrates Essential starts from $174.99 per year. Click here to learn more!

2. Asana

Rating: Capterra 4.4/5


The productivity tracker – Asana is designed to help teams organize, track, and manage their work. Get a clear understanding of who’s doing what, where and by when on your phone. Now you can view your projects in 3 orientations: 

  1. Timelines – organise overlapping, contingent and unscheduled tasks; 
  2. Boards – depicts only extant tasks with extensive details and
  3. Lists – view your tasks according to priority.

So, why should you use Asana?

Hospitals are able to optimize patient flow with Asana through real-time delivery on waiting times, patient occupancy, scheduled surgeries and so on. Clear depictions on who works, where and what eases the agony for filling in doctors whenever providers are cut short. 


  • Free for the Basic plan
  • Want greater authority in customisation? Paid plan starts at $10.49 per user/month. Click here to learn more 

3.   Zoho Cliq

Ratings: Capterra 4.6/5 


The rebranded Zoho Cliq is now geared to facilitate modern teams more than ever with their voice and video functionality for bettered communication and deeper collaboration. 

Eliminate the need for unnecessary meetings on channels whilst keeping responsible personnel informed. Searchable chat history promotes advanced search for any files or information instantaneously. 

So, why should you use Zoho Cliq?

The obvious reason – cheap alternative to Slack. The more compelling reason – securely encrypted communication system. Be it connecting patients to doctors or physicians to physicians – data transmission should always be confidentially secured to avoid jeopardising patient’s security or bring rise to identity fraud.


  • Free
  • Free Trial available for paid plans
  • Zoho Cliq paid subscription starts at $3.00 per user/month. Click here to learn more

4. Jibble

Ratings: Capterra 4.8/5 


Jibble is a time attendance tracking app that tracks live attendance through GPS location and facial recognitions. It allows you to create work schedules to track overtime and auto-generate timesheets. 

So, why should you use Jibble?

Healthcare workers are one of the few personnel that goes over their designated shifts/posts on a daily basis – which makes timekeeping extremely difficult. However, with Jibble, you can get direct insights into individual statistics to better your year-end performance review.


  • Free
  • Paid plan starts from $2 per user/month. To learn more click here!

5. Calculate by QxMD

Ratings: Google Play 4.7/5, IOS 4.8/5


Calculate by QxMD offers more than 400 point-of-care tools to educate around prognosis, diagnosis and optimal patient management. It converts recent research publications into practical handheld tools, of which develops comprehensive and insightful results for informed decision making.

So, Why should you use Calculate by QxMD?

Their ‘Question Flow’ technology gets you solutions fast and provides an advanced care plan tailored to each specific case use. With this app, providers may be able to explore more treatment options and be wary of plausible drugs reactions.


  • Free 

6. Read by QxMD

Read, Institutional Edition | Read by QxMD | Institutional Edition
Ratings: Google Play 4.6/5, Apple 4.8/5


Read by QxMD helps you stay on top of the most groundbreaking research. Follow through the latest studies and search millions of articles from PubMed and gain access to an extensive database of article collections from different health disciplines.

So, why should you use Read by QxMD?

With tons of reference stored on the palm of your hand, caregivers can continue educating themselves to progressively improve caregiving and seamlessly adapt to recent interventions.


  • Free

 7. Setmore 

Ratings: Capterra 4.7/5 


Setmore offers a free, online scheduling platform for you to connect with your customers. Manage all your appointments through one calendar system. By listing your availability online, your customers can book their services on their own. Now you can focus on providing an excellent customer experience and let Setmore handle the administration work.

So, why should you use Setmore?

Modern patients expect digitally activated care; they anticipate a website or mobile app to take care of locating physicians and hospitals online as well as book and navigate their appointments. Online scheduling functions should not be a stranger to hospitals in times of digitalised medical industry.


  • Free 
  • Unlock more features with the pro plan starting from $9 per user/ month. Click here to learn more

8. DropBox

Ratings: Capterra 4.5/5


Dropbox is a central workspace that supports teams to stay organized and keep their work flowing. All your team’s content will be secured in one place, making it easy to collaborate and focus on the work that matters. Several layers of security protection keeps your file private from prying eyes. 

So, why should you use Dropbox?

Decentralized healthcare system that allows providers to draw up their own data collection rules results in duplicate documents, mismatches, and cluttered medical records. A centralized storage for all medical files make way for consistent and synced reports accessible for all healthcare providers.


  • Free for Dropbox Basic: personnal
  • Plan subscription starts from $12.50 per user/month

9. Triage Pic by Microsoft

Ratings: Microsoft 4/5


TriagePic, an app to provide a quick initial-report of disaster victims. Each arrival gets a picture taken, a mass-casualty ID assigned, and, a triage indicator for treatment, based on severity. Patient’s reports are all trackable from inpatient to outpatient. 

So, why should you use Triage Pic?

Every time a casualty is admitted, details of the patient will be uploaded on the app. Emergency Operation Center personnel and family-reunification counselors can then perform proper searches for family reunification.


  • Free

10. PatientKeeper

PatientKeeper App for iPhone - Free Download PatientKeeper for iPad &  iPhone at AppPure
Ratings:  Capterra 4/5


PatientKeeper serves to meet healthcare providers’ urgent and growing needs for mobile anytime, anywhere access to patient data and secure messaging with physician peers, via smartphones and tablets.

So, why should you use PatientKeeper?

In crisis care settings – imagine a physician working at an outpatient centre, or at home as a backup coverage encountered a fatal situation whereby urgent treatment is called for. Decision making may be suspended or delayed because practitioners are unable to attained a copy of health record.


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There you have it, 10 tools to help ease your hospital management workflow. Hopefully you’ll find some relevance to your operational process. For more of our favorite business management tools, click here to check out!

Cover Photo sourced from National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

Jibble is a free time and attendance tracking software with 10,000s of users around the globe. Check it out here!

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