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Unsure which support to use for Quickbooks Time? Be it a known issue or a concern of your own business it can be frustrating to find the right mode of support all while debugging the system simultaneously. Here, we’ve broken down each and every method of support for you to have a stress-free troubleshooting experience.

What is Quickbooks Time?

Quickbooks Time- known previously as TSheets, is designed to track and manage employee time for payroll, invoicing, and scheduling. Without its complementing features of invoicing and cloud accounting function, TSheets was a standalone time tracking app. Intuit’s rebranding idea was to extend the functionality of Quickbooks into a seamless business solution to track time, streamline invoicing and simplify paying workers with complete accuracy. 

How to reach out to Quickbooks?

1. Call

Need instant help? Quickbooks’ customer service representatives are always on standby to solve any hiccups.

Mon – Fri, 5am – 6pm PST and;

Sat, 7am – 4 pm PST

  • US: +1 (888) 836-2720
  • AU: +1 (800) 989-143
  • UK: +44 (808) 164-0610

2. Live chats 

Live chats is another good alternative if you’re looking for prompt support. Try searching for a blue “Live Chat” button on the right side of your dashboard, or at the bottom left of your company’s QuickBooks Time dashboard.

3. Community discussions

Need more help to learn your way around the system? Do keep an eye on existing product help articles. There might be the right solution for you, if you’re in luck. Otherwise, click the Help icon on your bottom left dashboard and select “Post a Question” to ask your support question in the community.

4. QuickBooks help articles

Quickbooks Resource Centre is the best place for anyone who is looking to upskill. Do check out for their free articles to get insights into any of the disciplines shown below:

5. Videos

Try searching for Quickbooks Time YouTube account for a better navigation experience. With their dozens of engaging videos, ranging from 2 minutes to 10 minutes, you can definitely find the one that fits best for you.

6. Training & Webinars

Quickbooks Time offer frequent training videos and webinars designed to help you set up and use your Quickbooks account effectively. From integration startup to admin masterclass, you might not want to miss out the chance to gain tips and tricks to learn your way around the system

7. In-Software Help

Quickbooks Time desktop and mobile apps have built-in help menus on your dashboard. Access the help center, the community forum, and live chat within Quickbooks Time dashboard.

How long does it take for Quickbooks Time to respond?

Capterra 2021 had recently validated Quickbooks Time to show exceptional customer support. Sources confirmed that Quickbooks Time does not take long to respond to customer queries. With their enormous customer support team you’re unlikely to be served by bots. Hence their execution of follow-ups and follow throughs are guaranteed to be instant and cohesive. 

In summary:

Here are the list of ways to to ask for Quickbooks Time Support

  1. Call – US: +1 (888) 836-2720
  2. Live Chats
  3. Community Discussions 
  4. QuickBooks Help Article
  5. Videos
  6. Training and Webinars
  7. In-Software Help

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Jibble is a free time and attendance tracking software with 10,000s of users around the globe. Check it out here!

Jibble is a free time and attendance tracking software with 10,000s of users around the globe. Check it out here!

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